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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 Looking ahead

It's January 1..I'm the only one up...Some things never change:^)

I've been sitting here reviewing changes I've been through this year...some hard..some challenging...some exciting
Probably the hardest was saying goodbye to people in my life...even if it's for a short time.
I left a church that I've gone to for 7 years..and in the process have had to say goodbye to some very special friends who have chosen to move on. Even though I still have connection to them through email,blogs,my space,3rd Place,it's a change. I grew to love seeing them every Sunday and I miss the face to face conversations.

I lost my step father in July. He was my stepfather for almost 30 years..a long time and he was an important person in my life.

I lost a coworker who decided to move on for personal reasons and with our move I lost the connection and conversations I had to some of the coworkers who I saw everyday in my office.

Probably the biggest change was being an "empty nester". Both my kids now are in college at Lee ..6 hrs away. I have been a very hands on mother for 21 years so that was a huge adjustment and still is...they are home for break and that has brought some real challenges in redefining the parent/child relationship :^)

As I look forward to this year I know that there will be more changes but most times change can be good.

New challenges at work..(I'm teaching outpatient classes now as well as inpatient education and training to be a certified pump trainer..insulin pump for those who aren't familiar with what I do..diabetes)

Finding my place in my new church,Apex,and allowing God to use me. Darrell and I have friends who are starting a ministry in Namibia Africa's something we're thinking about.

Developing and growing my friendships..sometimes this is one of my biggest challenges. I've had to learn to step back at times. I've had to learn to listen.
I've had to learn patience and to bite my tongue...hard.

What helps me through all of this is my faith. That's an up/down too. Some days I feel close to God. Sometimes I wonder where He is...but He is there...that I know.

So I'm ready for 2008..whatever it decides to bring me.


  • At 12:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm looking forward to 2008 as well. 2007 was pretty difficult but I have to keep pressing forward. AS


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