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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lessons from God

I love when I hear or read words that are so clearly from God to me

This morning I read my "Daily Bread" devotional and it talked about "using the memory boost of music to hide away God-breathed words in our hearts"
I love music and I actually went to hear one of my friends,Kyle, play/sing at a church he leads worship. The church is an older church that is slowly learning that music and hymns can be done in a different way and it's still pleasing to God. I loved the warmth of his church. You could feel the spirit of God as they worshiped. "Hymns are the incense of a worshiping soul praising God!"

The other thing that I read had to do with allowing God to be the potter in our lives.
This is the excerpt"

"The Potter has power over the clay. He can do what he chooses. We humans do have limited free will, but God's will is greater. So even if we try to resist His sculpting hand, He continues to work toward his purpose. The master Craftsman has set out to achieve a particular design in us, and He has a plan to make it take shape.
The Potter works the clay with patience. Since God knows that spiritual maturity can't be rushed, He forms our Christlike character slowly---one experience at a time. That means He must also have perseverance, as human clay sometimes shifts off-center and becomes misshapen. Just as clay can be fashioned only when it sits precisely in the middle of the wheel. Christians must be in the Father's will to grow spiritually. The Potter maneuvers the drifting believer back into position and begins remolding. He never discards His vessels but tirelessly works to perfect them. Our God is a personal Potter. His creations reflect His personality and character. And His Spirit is poured into each human vessel so He can be an intimate part of our life. The result is a work of true beauty---a saint wholly committed to Him."


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