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Sunday, March 09, 2008

The storm is over...It's time for GOOD times

"See now the darkness is passing and the true light is already shining
In power and glory bringing hope
He's bringing hope"

Phil Wing...True Light

Well, the blizzard is's a beautiful sunny day here. It feels like spring again. If it weren't for the mounds of snow everywhere it would look like spring again.
And then there are the mounds of laundry in my basement from a week with 3 college kids
They left this morning around 11. I think they'll do fine making it back. The streets were very clear on our way to church. They canceled church last night so we went to the 11:30 service this morning. With Daylight Savings and making sure they got on the road ok we decided not to attempt the 9:30 service.
They had a baptism which is always a great way to start. I'll have to post my notes for the sermon later since I missed most of it. Kristen called about 15 min into the sermon. I wouldn't have worried too much about calling her back but she called 2 times in a row so I knew something was wrong. She is very sick with the flu and probable bronchitis so she needed motherly love and medical advice. Luckily while she was in Texas her housemother for choir took good care of her. It's hard when you have a sick child 6 hrs away :^( When I got back into service one of the missionaries from Namibia was speaking about the church he has planted and the impact it has had. He gave up the comfortable life that we think about with success to serve. He said something that has stayed with me this afternoon..."When God calls you to be obedient to him , it's never the wrong decision. "
It's something I need to remember.
The other words of wisdom I got this week were from my friend Kyle:

"I was reading today and the bible says that When we give God true praise that it not only makes him happy but us too. .. To know that when I praise God that I also am going to feel joy. GOOD times. "


  • At 6:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Keep me informed on Kris and how she is doing. Also let me know that Zach made it back ok. I worry about them and the long mileage they have getting back to school.
    Love you lots


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