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Sunday, April 20, 2008

"Make disciples"

These are the notes from the sermon Rob did at Apex last night.
We went to the 7pm service because of Darrell going back to work.
Thank you to those who have been praying for us.
We're taking it a day at a time and trying to simplify our lives.

I love the song "Lead me to the Cross" which we sang last night.
We slso sang a new Phil Wickham song that guy too.

Matthew 28:16-19

These were the last words to us from Christ.
The eleven disciples were there but there were also about 500 others.

There were 2 reactions to Jesus

Some worshipped
Some doubted
When they talk about doubt here they are talking about biblical doubt
It's a moral know what is true but you still have doubt and aren't ready to commit.

How does Christ clear up the doubt? By telling them that all authority has been given to him.

He tells us to go.. make disciples...share the gospel.

2 common fuels we use to share the gospel that don't work.

1. The fuel of information alone
Thinking that knowing the scriptures will cause me to share the gospel. It doesn't happen. That information in and of itself won't give you the desire.

2. The fuel of inspiration alone. An event that was so inspirational that it would drive you to evangelism. It wears off.

What does work?
The fuel of your crucifixion Taking up your cross and denying yourself and following Christ.

What keeps us from sharing our faith?
People or issues that have become enthroned above the authority of Jesus

Bad Experiences with sharing our faith...rejections
Biblically illiterate..feeling we don't know scripture well enough
Leaving it to the "professionals"...We ALL need to share our faith
Thinking.."How dare we impose our faith on other people"

When Jesus says "go" it should be our whatever job you have and wherever you live. It's not an "add on" to our life. It should be daily in whatever situation Christ has put you.
We all need to "go" boldly but humbly.


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