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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Missional Impulse

These are my notes from Rob's sermon tonight.
We sang one of my favorite worship songs by Leeland.."Tears of the Saints"
Matthew 9:35-38

What is produced in you is reproduced in others.
God gives us all a missional impulse.

Your missional impulse will cease when you:

1 Lose a sense of mission...Jesus is always on the move. We need to be on a mission for things that keep us alive spiritually.

2 Lose joy in the message...You can pass "disease" on to others if you lose joy.
Has the gospel become "boring" to you? You should never "get over" the gospel.

3 Lose a heart of mercy..Those who have a "theological mind" risk losing a heart of mercy and many times they are the ones who need mercy.
Jesus sees people how they are.

How do we revive a missional impulse?

1 Engage in fervent prayer..Pray for the lost by name

2 Be humbled and thankful for the task...It's God's will always be bigger than us. God gets the glory from humble finite beings.
We are God's field and workers.

3 Embrace the fact that kingdom work is hard work

4 Remember who energizes the work..It's movtivated by love and powered by the Holy Spirit.


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