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Saturday, November 01, 2008

House Rules...forgiveness

These are my notes from Apex.
We had baby dedication and then worship. Issac and Phil...doesn't get any better :)
This is the second night in a row I sang Amazing Grace..different versions.

Matthew 18:21-34

People of God are forgiven and should be forgiving

1 There is no expending cap on forgiveness.
Our culture doesn't believe this. "If you forgive over and over you'll be walked on"
What we need to remember...Jesus was walked on.

2 Extending forgiveness is just as important for the forgiver as it is for the one being forgiven.

"Bitterness is like drinking poison and waiting for your enemy to die."

3 The freedom that comes from the forgiveness of Christ should produce a freedom to forgive others.

Jesus saved us to become a gift to others

4 An understanding of the depth of your forgiven life is crucial for your forgiveness of others.
If you calculate the debt described in the today's standards he owed 2.5 million dollars.
There is nothing you can do or say that makes you righteous Colossians 3:13

5 Unforgiveness is a vicious form of deceit
If you are a follower of Christ with unforgiveness in your're being deceived.

Other significant factors concerning forgiveness

1 Forgiveness does not mean memory loss.
2 Forgiveness does not erase all earthly consequences
3 Forgiveness is a point in time as well as a continual process
4 There is a difference between having an attitude of forgiveness and actual forgiveness
5 Forgiveness is a commitment

Attributes of Courageous Forgiveness

1 When you give up your rights to justice
2 When you pray for your enemy to see the goodness of God
3 When you are practical in your forgiving attitude toward them
4 When you grieve for their misfortunes
5 When you seek reconciliation
6 When you desire the best for your enemy


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