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Sunday, June 14, 2009

" A Brother's Letter"

These are my notes from the sermon Rob did at Apex last night.
We are starting a new series from the book of Jude. He will be taking a few verses each week this summer until we are through the book.
We sang "Cannons" which I LOVE and Phil Wing's song "I Am" which I LOVE and Jeremy Riddle's song "Sweetly Broken".

Jude 1:1-2


Author...Judas(Greek) Mark 6:3 He is the half brother of Jesus
Written 65 AD
Audience.. new house churches Gentiles and Jewish believers
What destroys churches and organizations are people on the inside..Many times we use the blanket term christian when it doesn't refer to biblical christianity.

If you love must love his bride(the church)
Your commitment to Jesus and his bride will inevitably leade you to communicate issues that are hard in a loving way.
You need to speak the truth in love. Those who only speak the truth..have no friends.
Those who speak in love..are hurting others by not telling them truth.
All of us..not just leaders..are called to admonish and share the confront someone in love.
Rob shared the name of a book..."From Good to Great..How the Mighty have Fallen" by Jim Collins.

When you share something hard:

1. Be clear on where you're coming from
2.Encourage their identity in Christ
3. State your hope in them..what you want to see happen in their life.

Taking each of these and explaining

1 Be clear...
What is your authority?
Jude states that he is a servant of Jesus Christ
Many times we come from a place where we want to be smarter or we want to be more pious.
We need to empty ourselves of pride and people pleasing. Our only reason should be as a servant of Christ.
Because Jude was a half brother of Jesus this may have given him more respect and they were willing to listen.
What authority you have...who your friends are...these are important
Your godlinesss opens opportunities for other to share their faith.

2. Encourage their identity.
Those who are "called" Those who are beloved
When you have a brother or sister in Christ who has hurt you, remember who they are in Christ. Satan loves to use this to create warfare between brothers/sisters in Christ.
When you are called you receive the benefits of Christ taking your sin. You are called even before you are born.
You have been justified and you will be glorified.
Transfers sinners from one kingdom(earth) to another(heaven)
It's the ultimate purpose of your life. From darkness to light.
It takes the ultimate bite out of suffering.
You are beloved..God has built a fortess around you. A pure keeping.

3. Hope in them...wanting good in their life
You want bad things out of their life so they are overflowed with mercy, peace, and love. Don't wish for the bad to happen in their lives. The human side does this and it's wrong.

Are you open to receiving admonishment from others?


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