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Sunday, June 07, 2009


These are my notes from the sermon at Apex this morning.

James 5:7-12
God leads you to a place that is hard.
How you wait and how long you wait depends entirely on what you're waiting for.
If it's temporary or if it's of value and eternal makes a different.
Just because you are waiting doesn't mean God isn't working.
There are certain things that God does in his own sovereignty.

Our lives depend on our waiting because of the fruit that comes from waiting

When waiting:

1 Watch over your heart.
It's easy to develop a bad attitude when we are hurting and waiting.
Your motives are who you are.

2. Watch your mouth.
When you are impatient and hurting it's easy to grumble and verbally attack others.
God will judge you for what you say. You need to live as though he is coming back and right at the door.

3. Watch over the past
Perspective....think of Moses in the desert for 40 yrs, David,Noah,400 yrs between old and new testament.

4. Watch over your promises. With waiting.we make promises and choices that God doesn't want us to make because we want the waiting to be over.
"Lord if you do this, I promise......"

Waiting is always a test of our belief that God makes good on his promises.
God has grace and patience but there is an end..He is coming back.
Waiting does produce fruit. Waiting ends well. It ends looking at the face of Jesus. Revelation 21 Galatians 6:9 Romans 2:7

Good news on waiting at Apex...Phil and Amber Wing have found out after a process of waiting that they will be adopting a 7 month old little boy from Ethiopa. Yay!!!!


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