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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Healthy Planet Healthy You

This morning I went to work on my day off to get nursing contact hours but also to find out how I can be a healthier person with what I use in the environment. The presentation was done by a nurse, Donna Walls, who is also an herbalist and aromatherapist.
She started with things around the house that we clean with and store with.
Her basic premise is that you should be more afraid of the chemicals than the germs.
Facts prove that many of our cleaning products cause serious health problems.

Safe alternatives you can use:
Vinegar,baking soda,coarse salt, lemon juice or fresh,sliced lemons,boiling water,sunshine,borax or glycerin soaps, and essential oils.
Some of these I knew. We actually do use vingegar to clean our toilets.
If you use bleach..stop. If you use Plug in fresheners..unplug them.

Another concern is plastic. No plastics are safe but some are safer than others.
Use #1,2,4 and 5. Avoid #3,6,7
Don't put plastic in the microwave...there's a big thing now about baby bottles..the safer is the glass or is free from BPA. The problem is they are creating zenoestrogens which attach to our receptor cells and cause problems such as infertility,ADHD,cancers.
Use glass,stainless steel,ceramic. DON"T reuse plastic water bottles!

For personal care avoid antibacterial soaps...they are why we see "superbugs"
Good old fashioned hand washing with soap and water is the best thing..I know that even from being a nurse.
Avoid....parabens and Phthalates(phth words) in your lotions,soaps,etc
The website gives you safe products to use. is best if possible. If not here are the "dirty dozen" that you need to go organic with:
peaches,apples, sweet bell peppers,celery,nectarines,strawberries,cherries,pears,grapes(imported),spinach,lettuce, potatoes
Don't use artificial sweetners..although splenda is from sugar they use chlorine to process it. Use honey,stevia(my diabetic patients use this) or sugar in the raw.
Choose dark chocolate. Use organic meats and dairy. They are not treated with hormones

For your lawn:
Here's a formula for a safe,inexpensive weed killer:
Equal parts of vodka,natural liquid soap,vinegar,...mix and spray on plants and vegetation as needed.
Natural fertilizers.. recycled coffee grounds..Darrell and I do this ..we get them from Starbucks,bone meal,wood ash, fish emulsion

Reuse,Recycle, Reduce and Repair

Reuse things such as towels,batteries
Use the canvas bags for shopping..NOT plastic or paper

Consumerism..85-95% of consumables are not in use 6 months after purchase..they are in landfills!

Can something be fixed or salvaged or swapped

Reduce your carbon footprint..You can calculate your own by going to

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


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