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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Nehemiah 12:27-47 "When and How to Party"

These are my notes from the sermon tonight in the book of Nehemiah.
This chapter talks about after the walls of Jerusalem are built and how they celebrated with genuine Godly joy.

Authentic experession of Godward joy will:

1 Treasure purity..It is hard for any of us to celebrate genuine joy if we are in sin
If there is Godward joy needs to start with the leaders. If you are a leader
and you aren't expressing genuine do you expect those who follow you to do
the same? In this passage the priests purified themselves first Psalm 24 talks
about having clean hands and pure heart.
The reason that the gates and walls are purified is because everything is owned by

2 Involve and impact other people's communal.. It's public...No matter what the world tries to tell you...Faith isn't silent..Jesus wasn't silent

3 Produce a humble sensitivity to God's Mercy---We need to learn to give thanks

4 Foster a giving mentality..The MINIMUM standard as a follower of Christ is to be willing to give up your life. We need to give our resources with the mindset My resources are your resources.

5 Focus your Priorities...#1 should be to worship God


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