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Saturday, January 19, 2008

"Jesus and a contorted spine"

We are doing a series of messages at Apex studying "Jesus and ....."
Last week was John the Baptist
This week is story of a crippled woman who is healed by Jesus

Luke 13:10-17

Take notice of this lady

1 where she is....a synagogue..a place of Jewish worship. They were segregated with the men sitting up front and the women sitting behind a lattice in the balacony. There was usually dialogue that went on between men and the rabbi.

2 her condition... her physical condition is very noticeable but the cause of the problem is invisible (a spirit)
She didn't come to be noticed or to be pitied.
Grace always initiates. Jesus called her forward.

3 her freedom...Jesus heals her

4 her humble joy...she praised God

Take notice of the synagogue ruler.

1 His position.....He took care of the temple and organized the worship...equivalent to worship minister

2 His enslavement...addiction to "being good" had blinded him from Jesus..he missed the point.
If you focus on being good and separate that from Jesus'll dry up.

It doesn't say that you shouldn't work on the says you shouldn't be should be showing acts of compassion.

3 His shame...Ironically the synagoue ruler had the "contorted spine" His mind and eyes are down....just as the woman who was bent over..He's not seeing Jesus.

3 questions to ask yourself

1. Are you suffering from a contorted view of life? cynicism

2. Are you so intent on "being right" that you completely miss the point?
The point...Love others

3. Do you rejoice over the freedom that Jesus wins for someone else..or do you say "Why isn't it me?"


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