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Friday, February 15, 2008

Flowers,candy,card, and a clean kitchen

This was in my email this morning from the Robbie Seay Band and I thought it was cute
I'm with his wife...I like the flowers,candy, and card and a clean kitchen :^P

"I bought my wife some flowers yesterday. I wish I was always so thoughtful, not just on Valentine's day, but I am a man and we're not that smart or kind really. I'm standing there surveying the 6 magazines that all have Brittany on the front and her latest meltdown, when I suddenly hear the man in front of me blurt out, "Valentine's is a fraud! It was the creation of credit card companies and card makers, so we'll all spend money on flowers and chocolates and things that don't last!" The 20-something cashier laughs and responds, "Yeah, flowers are a total waste of money. I tell my man to clean the kitchen if he wants to impress me." They both slowly glance my way. In my hands? Flowers, chocolates and a $4 card. "My wife likes this stuff, and a clean kitchen," I responded. Nothing but silence from the cupid haters, but I stood my V-Day ground."


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