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Friday, March 21, 2008

Odds and Ends

It's Good Friday. I've been doing a study with my friend Tina on Mary Magdalene. This week it focuses on the resurrection. I found that timing eerie considering we have cancelled on each other for various reasons...the last time being the blizzard.
Sometimes there are small things in scripture that I the fact that she was there for 6+ hours at the cross but was unable to say anything to Jesus. She was most likely in her 40's and a woman of status because of how her name is placed first in scripture when they talk of the other women who were with her. She was not the woman who wiped Jesus's feet with her hair, she was not the woman at the well, she was not a prostitute.

Today is also "special coffee Friday" at DLM. That always makes Friday good :)

I heard something on the radio this am talking about how to do simple things to cut calories:
Use a tsp of honey instead of butter on your toast
Use skim milk in your latte
Instead of 2 scoops of ice cream....use frozen yogurt
Instead of a chocolate bar....3 squares of dark chocolate
Instead of pop(soda) use flavored water
I'm only 3 lbs over "normal" BMI so just a little more discipline!

Kristen and Zach are home...well in Springboro...Zach spent the night with his high school buddies at his friend Ryan's who goes to UNLV. His friend is studying casino management...seriously. It's nice to have a full nest for the weekend.

I watched 2 girl movies yesterday"Atonement"..which I liked a lot..the ending has a little bit of a twist to it, and "Enchanted".which I always need to watch a movie with a happy ending where "true love's kiss" makes everything right :^) every now and then..especially if it's Patrick Dempsey! haha

I'm 12 and 4 on my picks for the NCAA tournament. It was almost a disaster with Duke almost losing...that would have totally screwed up my brackets! I have them in the final game with Kansas. I know UCLA will probably be the team but that was so predictable! We'll see what happens today...


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