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Sunday, March 23, 2008

What difference does the resurrection make?

These are my notes from the sermon at Apex. Rob is still in India so Jason did the sermon. He's a great speaker. He has a passion for missions and he brought out a point that many people skip over...the fact that after his resurrection Jesus was seen and as Christians we need to be seen through our actions.

He gave a history of Easter and how rabbits/eggs tie in.
Easter comes from old English ...Eastre which comes from the word Eostre..the pagan goddess. She was the goddess of new dawn or new life. They believed that spirits took on an earthly form and Eostre's form was a rabbit. The Persians celebrate spring with festivals and they decorate eggs for the festivals. The Jewish tradtion for Passover celebrated the meaning of different of those being the egg..the symbol for salvation to come.
In 325 AD Constantine was coverted and he set up a calendar of celebrations making Easter in the spring.
The problem...many times the pagan celebration is put above the empty tomb.

How does belief affect how you act?
What difference does the resurrection make?

The transformation from death to life is not only the message of the gospel..It is the mission of the church.

Death is an enemy
Death will be destroyed
Death will be destroyed someday but it is defeated now Romans 8
Death has become a servant of the Christian
a. Death is a window to see Jesus..a door to walk through and meet Jesus
and a mirror to reflect Jesus

Because of the resurrection of Christ...the mission of the church isn't in vain.
Death is defeated.
When Christ arose...he was seen....As a Christian...are you seen?
How does your belief in the resurrection affect your actions?
Are you bringing life to things that are dead?


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