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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Global disciples

I usually go to Sat eve service but we decided to do Sun 11:30 today. Don't want to get into a rut and we had a meeting to go to at 1:00pm.

There is a young man, Issac, who sings with Phil once a month who has the most worshipful spirit I've seen in a long time with an absolutely beautiful voice.

A young woman who is here from India to go to Wright State spoke. She talked about the idols in India and the idols in the United States and how God sometimes has to break us to make us realize that he should be our focus.

Psalm 96 was the scripture for today.

What does it mean to be a global disciple of Jesus?

Global disciples:
1 Desire God's heart for the nations
2 Are not intimidated by the enormity of the task
3 Look for, engage, and train lost people
4 Find joy in future worship
5 Have a love/hate relationship with the world - hate the value focus of our world but love the people

The term global disciple is just another term for normal disciples of Jesus Christ


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