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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Good music ....good food

After church today, Darrell and I decided to go to the Fraze to the Blues Fest. We took our friend, Doug, who we deliver groceries to once a month.
It was a little cloudy but it never did rain. There were barbecue and cajun food booths and they had the most awesome homemade chips! We had the bourbon chicken with rice and beans. The festival is free but they get you with the cost of food! We stayed and listened to 2 bands,Denzon and the Road Doggz and Jon Justice Band.
They played out in the Lincoln Commons where the fountatins are. Joe Bonamassa is the big act playing tonight in the Fraze amphitheater.
We saw him last year for $5 bucks so we decided not to stay and pay $20 this year :^)
They have some other free festivals this summer and some free bands coming.
One of the bands is "Over the Rhine". There's a good article in Relevant last month about them and what they have gone through in the past few years.
We are also going as a family to see Crosby,Stills and Nash in July.
Good music and good food in a good venue !!


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