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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Anniversary #23

These are my roses for my anniversary. I love the color pink so I thought these were a very pretty color :^) The card with the dog/cat is the one I gave Darrell plus an iTunes card. Darrell is a huge music lover so that's a good gift for him.
We did greeting for Frontline 9:30 service then ate breakfast at Mimi's Cafe at The Greene. That's a beautiful place to eat in and their food was good and reasonably priced. We walked around the Greene before they opened. It's such a nice atmosphere there. There were several people walking their dogs. We went to Books and Co. for a little bit. We then drove to my old neighborhood where I grew up, Greenmont Village.
I wanted to see the new school they had built. Except for the school, everything looks just as it did. We drove past my old house. It's blue now instead of yellow.
We watched football for a little bit. Cleveland vs Cincinnati. I watched online New York Jets vs. Arizona Cardinals instead..Brett rocked!! We decided to go walking at Cox Arboretum. They were having a garlic festival. We clipped our coupons and went to the grocery..we saved $45 in coupons!!
So now we're grilling out and watching football..Dallas vs Washington.. and just having a relaxing evening 'cause tomorrow is another work day!


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