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Monday, September 22, 2008

Quick thoughts from my weekend

Zach and I watched "Across the Universe" per his request. The music was good..the acting was B...kind of a bad remake of "Hair" only with Beatles music.

I've missed Zach's sense of humor...dry.

Von Maur is a beautiful store with the best shoe department ever but good night nurse..who can afford those prices!

Seeing grown men drool and take pictures of a $185,000 Ferrari that someone actually drove to The Greene made me laugh. I seriously wanted to see the driver...probably wasn't as "pretty" as the car :^)

It surprises me how much after effect there still is from the wind storm last week. Our friends Elizabeth and Rob came to hang out with us watching football and doing their laundry...they still have no power!!

Jon Zens wasn't a powerful speaker in volume but his words were extremely powerful

I am excited to find out that Neil Cole(Organic Church) is doing workshops at Apex in October!

One small tree sure does have a lot of limbs!! It took Darrell and I 2 hours to haul our tree limbs to the "designated" field. Luckily we had the use of a pick up truck from Serra. We had to transplant the ivy ground cover that was around our tree and it actually looks good around the light pole. I still think we'll need another tree to replace ours...but no more Bradford Pear trees!!

When your husband randomly stops in a sunflower field to pick a single sunflower for you after 2 hours of doesn't really matter what you look or smell like..
you are loved.

I wish the weather would stay like this year around....I LOVE fall!!!!


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