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Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Love One Another"

These are my notes from the sermon tonight. We had a guest speaker..Jon Zens.
John 13
It was a Phil Wickham/Brooke Fraser worship night :^) It was nice to have Zach with us in service. Bona is still here as well. The Yosick family were here. Dylan was the one nice enough to bring Zach home with him.
There are still quite a few people without power in our service.

In the last hours of Jesus life, he chooses servant hood to be his last lesson to the disciples through foot washing.
He tell them they may not understand the importance now but they will. He is talking about in the future after the Holy Spirit has come.
Jesus didn't teach philosophy or theology. He taught life lessons. He did it through example.
verses 31-35
The commandment to love is old but Jesus says it's new. What's new about it? The phrase.."as I have loved you."
In John 15:12 Christ talks about laying down his life for his friends. Out of the act of the cross comes the command "Love one another"...a new redemptive event.
Many bible teachers wrongly use threats,loud language, to try to get people to do things.

Is the love of Christ on the cross sufficient for you to do good works as your motivator?
This is the key to watching world to see that we are his disciples. If our love is tainted or misdirected, the world won't know. There have been many breaches and divisions in the church. The world sees this. We need to show love to others.
That's not easy. It requires a commitment.
We're all like a bunch of porcupines..things sticking out that hurt others.
There are many examples of sacrificial love brought up in the New Testament by Paul.


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