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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Idol Disintegration

These are my notes from Rob's sermon tonight.

I have to say that worship tonight was AWESOME. There is something about the Sat night service that really connects with me and worship. We sang one of Phil's songs "This is Worship" and 2 David Crowder "O Praise Him" and "Only You" , a Phil Wickham song "Divine Romance" and my all time favorite Hillsong Worship "From The Inside Out"

Romans 1:21-32

Idol Disintegration
It disintegrates our hearts from the inside out.

What is the process in which Idolatry happens?

It begins with a heart of inverted glory

All of our hearts are worshiping hearts but what is the object of that worship?
Sin can make the heart of worship out of control.
We direct our worship to the world and to ourselves.

It proceeds to exchanging truth for lie

We substitute something or someone to support the lie
We change careers, we change friends, we change our relationships
The hallmark of our idolatrous culture is seen in the warping of God's natural beauty of sexuality in marriage of man and woman i.e. bisexuality,homosexuality,bestiality.
Sexuality outside the confines of can't be holy and sexually immoral at the same time

It creates a searing of the conscience
God's protective hand is removed.
We function on autopilot

It culminates in a lifestyle where being under God's wrath is normal
We have celebrations....for ourselves

Questions to ask for potential idolatry

1. What do you not have in your life that you think if you have it, it would make you happy and fulfilled?

2. What do you now have that if taking it away would leave you unhappy or devastated?

3. What are you preoccupied with?

4. Is there something you desire so much that you are willing to disappoint or hurt others to have it?
If they have it, do you turn to jealousy or Jesus for comfort?


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