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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Idolatry...What is it?

So we are starting a new series of messages at Apex. Idolatry. Should be good.
I love when Issac and Phil lead worship and tonight was good.
Hillsong United,Jason Morant,Phil Wickham, and Charlie Hall.."Give us clean hands Give us pure hearts" I remember hearing Kristen singing that in my head.

Ezekiel 14:1-11

In the India..they are out in the open with their idols
In the west....we hide our idols

Anything we love and pursue in place of God is an idol

Idolatry is 2 sided
You can worship something bad but there are things that are good that are worshiped such as food,church,our spouses,sexuality.

ANYTHING that is substituted for God. Idolatry can be very subtle.

The womb of idolatry is within the human heart.
In the Old Testament is was idols...the counterpart in the New Testament? Desires


1 Comfort privacy,lack of stress,freedom from obligations

Price you pay...Reduced Productivity..they take a lesser job and income to obtain a stress free life

Greatest nightmare...stress and demands (not enough freedom to obtain a stress free life

Others often feel....hurt(because the person comes across that they do not care

Problem emotion....boredom

2 Approval


Price you pay..Burdened,feel responsible

Greatest nightmare..rejection(will suppress or bypass conflict)

Others often feel...smothered

Problem emotion...Fear

3 Control

Values...self discipline,certainty, standards

Price you pay...loneliness;spontaneity (willing to stand alone which can isolate them from others

Greatest nightmare..uncertainty

Others often feel..condemned(will push people to accept their standards)

Problem emotion..worry

4 Power

Values..success; winning, influence

Price you pay...Burdened,responsible,irritable, isolate themselves

Greatest nightmare..humiliation (failure)

Others often feel..used

Problem emotion..anger

Consequences of Idolatry

1 It obstructs our view of God's makes it hard for us to pray and worship

2 Produces estrangement from God's protection..God's protective hand goes away

3 It provides God's wrath

God gets directly involved with idolaters
God will allow you to experience the full pit of sin in order to elevate you to see God's full glory
God will recapture your hearts


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