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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hurricane Ike in Ohio

The picture above is what we came home to Sun morning after going to church. We also lost some shingles off of our roof but this was MINOR compared to what we saw later as we drove around. It was total chaos with no power anywhere in Springboro and Centerville. After spending 3 hours chopping down part of the tree and dragging tree branches we thought we would go get an icee at the Speedway down the street. Little did we know what was going on outside our little cul de sac world. No power....trees down traffic lights working..roofs blown off. It looked like a tornado ripped through here. I honestly felt blessed (which was different than what I felt coming home to the picture above)
We just got our power back on at 4 am. It's an odd thing spending 2 days with no power and doing everything by candlelight.
I think God had a message for all of think you have it bad until you get out of your own little bubble and see what the big picture is.


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