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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Discerning and Defeating Idolatry

These are my notes from Rob's sermon this morning.
This is the last of the series on Idolatry.
Phil led worship and he wrote a new song "I am "...soooo good!
We also sang "Lead me to the cross" that song too :^)

Colossians 3:1-10

In western churches, we believe there are specific methods to defeat specific idols..If you have sexual deal with it differently than maybe gambling or drugs.
Most of the time it's the same as the secular world with a "scripture verse" thrown in there.
Idols are all tied to the same heart...we need to have a more complete view of how to deal with it.

A review of the definition of idol:
"Something other than God we set our hearts on and motivates us that masters or rules or that we serve"..Ken Sande

It can be a positive such as your spouse or a negative such as drug addiction but if it takes the focus from's wrong.
The womb of idolatry is the heart.
Idolatry is degrading. It affects our fruits.
We are born with inverted hearts..our glory is toward self
We often substitute for God.
We become our idol and God destroys idols so we are destroyed in the process.
Idolatry can become "normal"'s subtle and works it's way into our lives.

Defeating Idolatry

1 Be continually riveted on the person of Christ.

2 Treat idolatry as an act of war. You must rid yourself of it. It can kill your insides.

3 Remember that your past has no present power. " Since you have been raised with Christ"
"You used to walk in these ways, in the life you once lived"
We become a new self

4 Get authentically involved with the body of Christ.
It doesn't mean you just show up for church or house church. It means you allow access to speak truth in each others lives.
Latent idolatry...these people only allow people in so far. They don't want to be held accountable. There are things they don't want others to know about them.

5 The battle with idolatry is never without hope


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