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Saturday, October 18, 2008

House Rules

These are my notes from the service tonight.
Worship was awesome. We haven't sung "Come and Listen" for awhile and I love that song.

Ephesians 2: 11-22

Rob started off the service telling house rules that some of his Facebook friends grew up with..the kind that you have to laugh because some of them are absurd and some are the same that we all grew up with.
Apex has had house churches for 2 1/2 yrs now. Some have been great experiences...some have been painful...many with conflicts...messy relationships. This sermon is some of the rules that govern the people with specific application to house church.

If you detach yourself from the cross and it's can't have deep Christ-centered relationships.

In this scripture..the context deals with Paul addresssing a conflict between Jews and Gentiles.
Paul used their conflict to talk about "body life"

What does the cross mean in our day to day relationships?

1 We have a common history
We all were apart from Christ and are now circumcised.
In house churches we all need to share our we got to our relationship with Christ. Age,finance,single,married..none of that should matter.

2 We have a common spirit. It gives us all equal access to the Lord and makes us all family. Some may have known the Lord for a week ..others 10 yrs. There should be a blurring for the line of family. We all should participate and have responsibility in sharing whether it's prayer,content time,meals,kids,etc.

3 We have a common standard. Christ is our standard. There should be an ambiance that something is different here to unbelievers.

4 We have a common purpose..worship. There is no such thing as a solitary follower of Jesus. Deep community is a requirement.

2 questions
a What are the dividing walls that keep you from experiencing deep Christ-centered community? If you have dividing walls..Christ has abolished those.

b Do you see deep Christ-centered community as an option or choice or is it a vital command?
It should be a vital command.


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