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Thursday, February 12, 2009

" For Couples Only" by Jeff and Shaunti Feldhahn

These are books 3 and 4 of the blog tour. These books actually come in a boxed set which is perfect because you can read one and then swap with your husband or wife.
I personally think that each sex needs to read both books.
In each book there are 6-7 revelations about that particular sex..male or female on the surface.

For Men Only
1. Women need to feel loved
2. Women are emotional
3. Women want other words,financial security
4. She doesn't want you to fix it;she just wants you to listen
5. She doesn't want much sex; she must not want me.
6. She wants to look attractive

For Women Only
1. Men need respect
2. Men are insecure
3. Men are providers
4. Men are visual
5. Men are unromantic clods
6. Men care about appearance

They devote separate chapters to each of these points to explain. I like the fact that they did surveys so you can see how many men/women truly feel this way. They just didn't pull these points out of the air or their own experiences.
For me, the chapter on respect was a huge one. I can't tell you how many times I've jokingly said something about how long Darrell takes to fix things. It never dawned on me that he was feeling insecure or disrespected. Men won't tell you that.
The" men are visual" chapter was actually funny. I know most men are but I had no idea that if they see someone they are attracted to that they visually can see it the next day. If I say a man is handsome...Darrell always thinks that I want to see the guy without a shirt on or something. It's because he is visual. With the chapter on appearance, men don't care what the appearance is..they care if you are making an effort to make yourself attractive to him. If you walk around in sweats and dirty hair it's not saying a whole lot for your husband or for you.
When I read the book that men are supposed to read, I saw myself in many of those points. In the chapter on feeling loved: "Buried inside most women..even those in great a latent insecurity about whether their man REALLY loves them." What a true statement.
I think that if you read these books you will get a new understanding of the other sex and even of yourself.

Author Bio:
Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn hold graduate degrees from Harvard University and are popular national speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs. They are also active church members and the parents of two young children, and they enjoy every minute of living life at warp speed.


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