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Sunday, February 08, 2009


These are my notes from the sermon at Apex this weekend.
Kristen and Christy were with us this weekend so we decided to celebrate Darrell's birthday a little early by eating at Rusty Bucket last night and going to church this morning.
It's nice to go on Sun AM sometimes just because that's when most of our house church goes so we can touch base with them.
It's always nice to have Kristen at church singing her heart out next to me.
We started with one of Phil's songs from his new CD,"I Am" and "None But Jesus" by Brooke Fraser.
We also sang "Give Us Clean Hands" and "From the Inside Out" .
Rob also started the service giving kudos to those in the Military. He is close to someone at Apex who is being transferred from WPAFB.

We have spent the last few weeks talking about Jonah. He is running and drowning.
Now it's time to listen to God.
He travels 500 miles to Nineveh.

Combination of God's word and chastisement

1 Enables us to hear to word of God differently. When you are full of yourself you won't hear God's word rightly. It's not a matter of your intelligence. It's a matter of your motive. You don't feel it applies to you. God unplugs the ears of our heart.

2 Creates a courageous obedience. Nineveh was a rival city of Israel. It was surrounded by walls which were 50 ft. wide, 100 ft. high and 8 miles circumference.
It was an evil city.
The walls of this city don't come close to some of our own walls.
You've made a a choice and started erecting walls. Verbally you say one can have access to my life..that's a lie.
God can still do a work with courageous obedience even with the walls erected.
We are supposed to making disciples. We can become healed in making disciples.
The world may see us as fools.

3.Involves us in God's unfolding redemptive story. You don't see Nineveh turning on Jonah. They repent which leads to mass cultural change. God was already working in Nineveh. Our obedience does not start God's work.
Our obedience is getting involved in the work that God has already started.
There is no such thing as "closed cultures" God initiates and we obey.
Your life depends on your involvement and participating in the obedience.
God never takes a nap on redeeming humanity for his glory.

The king repents

Attributes of repentance

1 Get off your throne. If you go through the motions only no change will happen.
2 Remove areas of your rulership. Crucifying your sin.
3 Put on humility. Sackcloth
Christ put on skin,
Don't put people "at arm's distance"
4 Mourn over sin.
What was the last thing you were cut to the heart about?
Do you have a judgmental attitude. Do you spew cruel words?
5 Calls others to repentance
Leads to deep cultural change
Righteous change only happens through the gospels of Jesus Christ. It's not through "methodologies" ie house church,cell group,seeker sensitive
We are fellow repenters.
Many times when we share with nonbelievers, we have amnesia that we were in Egypt. We were dead.
God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble
When there is repentance, it turns away His wrath. God is a gracious God.
Feeling bad about sin isn't repentance..change is repentance.


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