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Saturday, March 14, 2009

"The first date gone wrong"

These are my notes from Rob's sermon tonight at Apex.

Genesis 3: 14-24

Women tend to be more empathetic. Satan knows this and appeals to that empathy with Eve.
Eve listens to the wrong source...Satan (the serpent)
Adam is there when Eve listens to the serpent but he is silent. He makes the mistake of passive leadership.
This is a deadly combination.

Today...the internet draws us in
For's pornography..visual images
For's chat rooms

Men need to ask their wives.."How are you doing inside?"
Adam and Eve eat the fruit and it leads to shame..they hide from each other and then from God.
God asks.."Where are you?"
Not for Himself..God is all knowing...he asks for them.

Conflict in marriage is opportunity for God to ask "Where are you?"

Consequences of Eve
1. Pain in childbirth
2. You will desire to have authority over your husband. You will try to usurp his authority but he will rule over you. Headship is not the same as domination.

Consequences of Adam

1. Work will be a put her(wife) as an authority instead of guiding her.

What does God do?

1 God initiates..he walks in the garden and calls out to them
God wants to walk through your marriage

2.He redeems..He provides clothing. He takes care of Satan through the cross of Christ which redeems you

3. God protects...Humans often enjoy being the victim of pain..the want to return to the garden. God stops that cycle.
In your there something from the past you continually bring up as your "ace of spades"
You have to learn to keep short accounts. Don't go back to Egypt. Press onward as Paul teaches.


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