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Monday, March 09, 2009

"How Can A Good God Let Bad Things Happen?"

I received this book about twomonths ago to review. I love to read and this topic intrigued me. It's a question that I struggle with especially in relation to children.
I know that many of my friends who have been through tragedies also ask "Why?". It's asked during those hard times when faith can be questioned and trust in God can be shaken.
This book correlates with the book of Job in the Bible. He takes the many things that Job went through and correlates his questions of why? to those we may have now. The most interesting point I thought he brought up here is "why not" Why would we think that God only allowed good and not bad in a fallen world of sin.
He takes those hard questions that many people do ask such as the holocaust,911,abuse of children and attempts to explain. He doesn't just use the "God has a purpose" explanation. He does talk about how tragedy and struggle refines you as a person. He also brings into discussion the fact that earth isn't meant to be heaven. As humans we are given a choice. Sometimes those choices aren't easy. We are being chiseled into stronger humans.
I found his examples to be very relevant to my own struggles in life and my own questions that I've dealt with. This isn't a book that you can rush through. I took a couple of chapters at a time and absorbed the information. I would highly recommend this book for everyone who is going through a hard time and asking God "Why?"


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