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Saturday, March 07, 2009

"The First Date"

These are my notes from Apex. The Phil Wing Band led worship. I love "From the Inside Out" is one of my favorite songs. We also sang "You're Beautiful" by Phil Wickham. I'm still working on Darrell for that concert which is 2 weeks away. I LOVE Phil Wickham so for me...2 hours of drive is worth it :)

Rob is doing the next few weeks on the subject of marriage. The series is called "One Flesh"
He gave an interesting quote from Johnny Depp on marriage. Basically he said it's what you make it and it doesn't need a piece of paper to define it.

The Origin of Marriage

1. God is the originator of marriage.
If you infringe upon the "copyright" of marriage you change it..i.e. adultry,homosexuality

The book "Sacred Marriage" by Gary Thomas has an awesome quote worth buying the book for

" God didn't create marriage to make you happy. He created it to make you Holy. It's to point you to God.

The Pattern of Marriage

1. God highlights for Adam what animals can't do for him. They aren't a helpmate. They don't help to make him complete.
God creates woman and brings her to Adam...someone he trusts. She is a helpmate.
Both have equal access to God.
2. God created marriage for His glory. To teach us about Christ.
There is leadership of man with respect of woman.
The church has always existed in the mind of God.

The Connection of Marriage

One flesh
You don't understand communication,finances. sexuality unless you understand one fleshness
Divorce..the effect trickles down.

Freedom of Marriage
No shame . No constraints. You share everything.
It's to free them from sin.


  • At 2:11 PM, Blogger Adam said…

    I'm really digging Phil Wickham right now.

    I love Beautiful and Jesus Lord of Heaven. And of course Cannons - we started playing that in Colorado, and that's the first song I'm going to teach Miamisburg.


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