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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Service.. "The Need of an Empty Tomb"

A beautiful spring morning for Easter. I always give my husband/kids a chocolate rabbit and Darrell gave me some gourmet jelly beans :)
We went to Apex this morning. I love to see the dresses that little girls wear. Our church is very casual. You could wear your sweats and no one would blink an eye but Easter is very different.
We had Easter lunch with my dad/stepmom. She makes the best cheese potatoes!

These are my notes for this morning's service

1 Corinthians 15:17-20

Why does the resurrection matter?

1. It provides meaning and power to our faith. Otherwise our faith is futile/wasteful.
Our desire comes from the empty isn't just Jesus who was in the tomb and arose..we all were there.

Rob gave an intersting quote from an atheist named Bertrand Russell. I didn't write it down but you can hear it if you listen online. It's a very negative and dark view of life. It's life detached from God and hope.
Solomon wrote Ecclesiates to tell us what life would be like without Christ.

2. It means freedom from the control and condemnation of sin.
There are 2 types of people:
Those in sin and those in Christ
Romans 6
We're all controlled by something.
We live in a culture obsessed by therapy
We want to believe we are a "good person"...we are comparing ourselves to other people and we can always find someone who is worse than we are.
No one is good. Our goodness has to be compared to Christ.
Romans 4:25

3. It defeats death for other people.
We are all motivated by death.
Romans 5:10
Death used to be an executioner but now it's just a gardner.

4. Places our hope beyond this life
1 Peter 1:3
1 Thessalonians 4:13-15

Our life is anchored here and in eternity...we keep moving..if we get hurt/bruised..we have to remember..our hope is anchored in our eternity..not here on earth.

He gave the example of a guy Floyd Collins who became stuck in Mammoth Cave. Even though he could see the light...he was stuck where he was..he couldn't get past the here and now to the hope of the light.


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