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Saturday, April 04, 2009


These are my notes from Apex tonight.
Worship was great. Target Dayton choir sang with Phil and Apexers. They have such a passion.

1 Corinthians 7:12-16

This passage deals with the unbeliever/believer marriage.
The believing spouse can have a big impact on the marriage as well as the children.

1 Divorce is a severing of one flesh
2 God hates divorce
3 Divorce is inevitable because of the hardness of the human heart
4 Divorce is a biblical concession but is NEVER a commandment.

God can redeem anything and forgive anyone

Romans 7:2-3
Mark 10: 2-12
Matthew 5: 31-32
Luke 16:18

These scripturs are Biblical baseline for divorce and remarriage

Two Biblical Postions on Remarriage
1 The Two Clause Position

a The spouse has committed adultry
b Unbelieving spouse who has hatred toward you and your relationship with Jesus..they have deserted the marriage.

2 The No remarriage or betrothal Position
No remarriage for any reason This is a minority view
They don't believe that Matthew has an exception clause
They see the betrothel period as an engagement period
It talks about Joseph and Mary being betrothed and he contemplated divorcing quietly
They point to church history. In the first 300 yrs..there is no support for remarriage other than the death of a spouse.

So....what does Rob believe?
Presently he operates under the Two Clause Position but finds the no remarriage compelling in some of it's points.
At Apex there is a mixture of support for both postions. This is not something that you break fellowship over.

Some commom Questions

1 What if I divorce outside of these reasons ?
a Be reconciled to your spouse ...IF your spouse is single. Do NOT destroy another marriage

b Commit to cultural singleness...your joy comes from Christ

2 What if I remarried outside of these reasons?

a Acknowledge and confess the remarriage as sin and ask for forgiveness. Your remarriage was based on insecurity,loneliness,fear..not on God's word

b Don't sever the 2nd marriage but strive to display God's glory through it. God can use you.

3 What if my first marriage wasn't godly but my second marriage is?
It's not blessed because it's's blessed because of God's grace.

4 What if I'm being abused by my spouse?

a Temporarily remove yourself from the situation with the ultimate goal and hope of reconciliation

b The process and speed of reconciliation will be dependent on consistent fruit of repentance from the abuser. This could be months for some...years for others. There is not a timeline.

c Involve God ordained 911..the police.

d Stay connected with Christ centered community. Courageous community needs to confront the abuser. and surround and nurture the abused.

e Be constantly aware of the condition of your heart. Don't allow your heart to become bitter and full of anger toward the person.


  • At 12:56 PM, Blogger darker than silence said…

    We covered the subject of divorce in one of my classes a few weeks ago. I really like what Rob is saying. Divorce is a concession, not a commandment: very true. God hates divorce, and the laws in the Old Testament about divorce were instituted to curb sin, not prevent it. It acknowledges the hardness of a person's heart and seeks to bring as little damage as possible to the inevitability of divorce due to the awful nature of the human heart.


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