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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Living long and healthy

Since the beginning of the year I have been interested in what makes you healthy. What foods,what exercise,what mediation,what interests,etc. I saw that Oprah was having Dr. Oz on to talk about some of these things so I decided to watch. I'm not always a big fan of her shows but this one was actually interesting.
Through my own efforts to feel better and eat better I have found that most of the things on these lists below I have tried to put in my life. Probably the biggest thing for me in losing the weight I have is the exercise. I can have a bad day of eating with small effect but if I don't have physical activity..I feel sluggish and tired and bloated and unhealthy. I also think that my weekly house church has a huge impact. I get the feeling of belonging, of purpose, laughter, and sometimes healthy eating :)

Rituals of behavior are the key to living a long life...these areas are called "blue zones" They have a higher population of people who live 100+. Below are some of their "rituals" that they focus on.

Nicoya Peninsula,Costa Rica

Physical activity
Higher doses of Calcium and Magnesium
Fresh fruits,vegetables,beans
Family and friends
Sense of purpose...know your gifts,have a plan


Plant based diet
Red wine in moderation
goat's milk,cheese, and whole grain bread

Loma Linda, Ca

Vegan diet..plant based diet
physical acitvity...stationary bike and lifting weights
security and peace..spiritual health..sacred time
nature hikes
beans ..all varities and nuts
give back...volunteer time


Ikigai...purpose in life
Planting gardens
Moai...lifelong friends
hara hachi bu..stop eating when you are 80% full


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