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Monday, March 23, 2009

"The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived" by Steven Scott

I read this book this past weekend as a review for a blog tour on the book this week.
The book focuses on 6 main areas to help us apply it to any area of our life that we are wanting success and balance with.
Many times it's just a matter of waking up to the illusions we have believed and replacing those illusions with the reality. Waking ourselves up to those areas that we haven't seen clearly.
The six areas that Jesus used in his life on earth in perfect balance were:
1 Meaning..why was he here..why are we here
2. Mission...what is the vision?
3. Message...Being heard..understood..and appreciated
4. Manner....How do you come across? using empathy? compassion? patience?
5. Methods..the most important being can't do it alone.
6. Mission Accomplished..understanding and identifying the obstacles and roadblocks

He takes each of these 6 areas and gives practical examples in how to accomplish them and at the end of each chapter lists out things to look for...questions to ask yourself.

The end chapters focus on knowing your worth and knowing who Jesus is. He gives the truth of who Jesus is for those reading the book who may have never picked up a Bible and don't know the reason Jesus came to save us so that we might have eternal life and happiness with Him.
I think the author does a great job in explaining that it's not about's about relationship. It's not about's about people...and love...and relationship.
If you would like to read this book you can find a copy by going here

Steven K. Scott is the best-selling author of The Richest Man Who Ever Lived, The Greatest Words Ever Spoken, and Mentored by a Millionaire. After failing in nine jobs, he started reading a chapter of Proverbs every day—and the wisdom of Scripture changed his life. Scott and his business partners have built more than a dozen multimillion-dollar companies from scratch, achieving billions of dollars in sales. He is the co-founder of Max International, Total Gym Fitness, and The American Telecast Corporation. He is a popular international speaker on the subjects of personal and professional achievement and the application of biblical wisdom to every area of life.


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