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Saturday, June 20, 2009


These are my notes from the sermon by Nick Nye at Apex tonight. Nick is a pastor of a recently planted church in Columbus. It's in a "bohemian" area...which he says means they have some strange people.
He is continuing the message in Jude

Jude 1:3-4

Jude is calling Christians to the truth of faith. Be willing to wrestle over the things of God.

1. We are called to contend for the faith..the teachings of Jesus and the apostle.
Why theology? Why can't we just love God.
If someone contends for their faith it doesn't mean if they oppose you that they are a heretic.
There are close handed issues..things that you don't waver on i.e. the gospel,the trinity
There are open handed issues..things that are more style or preference ie how often to have communion, rock music or hymns

The foundation of your faith is the truth of Jesus Christ being crucified for us.
What is true?
Do you wrestle with who God is and the scriptures. You should.
It helps us to relate to others who may be struggling with life issues such as divorce and need to know what the bible says.

2. Why contend?
We need to be able to spot those people who are creeping in to destroy the church
Open hand issues become close hand and close hand become open hand
We need to examine ourselves to avoid making an idol out of our knowledge. Those people who live on doctrine and needing to be right but have no love or compassion are making an idol of their knowledge.

3. Do this in love and grace and humbly
Don't beat people over the head with your bible and theology.
The Pharisees had the same theology as Jesus and they crucified him. They had no love or affection for him. Without can't contend for the faith. It's wrong.
Don't make excuses.

Christian love needs to be accompanied by knowledge.

There are people who know all the scripture and theology but have zero compassion and don't give a "rip" about people.
There are people who think " I love Jesus. That's enough. I don't need to know what it says in the Bible"


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