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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Confession: The Inbreak of Light"

These are my notes from Apex. We are still in the series Repentance

Psalm 51:1-13

Sorrow for sin is not the same as repentance
Religious repentance vs gospel repentance

Religious caught..I messed up with God. I'll do better
Need to pay a debt because I've messed up...despair
Gospel centered...Jesus as the centerpiece
Getting the poison out is biblical
Confession(one voice) Agreeing with God about my sin
We all need a Nathan in our us by encouraging but not afraid to confront us with our sin
Godward confession involves an appeal to God's love and mercy while also acknowledging his pure justice
When you have nothing to stand can only ask for mercy
We are clothed in Christ
When we sin we try to make God our getaway driver..trying to make God complicit with our crime
If God practiced his wrath, David wouldn't have a place to stand on. God practiced mercy.
We want to self justify when we sin

Six desires of Godward confession

1. Desire to be clean
Sin leaves a stain.
Hebrews 9 The blood of Christ cleans us.
Memories we have are used to remind us of our need for Christ

2. A desire to recognize the pollution of our sin

Sin never just impacts you. It affects family,friends,Psalm 40:12

3. Desire for a changed heart

You can't just change outward things around you

4. A desire for true joy

5. A desire for spiritual intimacy

Holy Spirit in the New Testament
The wheels come off the wagon when you aren't communing with God

6. A desire to be on mission
Followers of Christ are in war..If you aren't on mission, sin creeps in.

Tim Keller "All of Life is Repentance" on "The City"


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