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Sunday, September 19, 2010

"The Call of Pouring Out"

My notes from Apex sermon this morning

2 Timothy 4:6-8

Poured Out
The dominant religion in our culture is Consumerism. The Gospel turns this upside dow. God created us to pour out. You are called to ministry.

Apostle Paul is writing this passage to Timothy.

What words would you write for your own funeral?
Would you be telling the truth?
If Jesus was doing your funeral what would he say?

Drink offering= sacrifice.
Sacrifices train us to look ahead in faith. Sacrifices in OT were yearly,monthly,daily.
Pouring wine on the sacrifice denoted joy and completeness. It created a cloud of aroma.
How will our death smell?
What kind of aroma are we giving to those around us including nonbelievers.
The city of Dayton needs Apex to be a drink offering. It's not up to city officials, it's up to God's people who need to be that vapor from the drink offering.

The motivation of pouring out is the presence and rewards of God.
God overflows and enjoys giving to us.
God continually gives..resources,oxygen,our bodies,etc.
Hebrews 11:6
Proverbs 11:18
Matthew 5:12
Matthew 6
Luke 6:35

Paul loves His appearing. We don't focus on that enough..the coming of the Lord.

The act of pouring out will involve...

1. Fighting.."I have fought the good fight"
good fight=suiting up with God's armor. There is an invisible battle going on around us.
Battle of the flesh..we need to cut off those sinful tendencies

2. Finishing
Conversion is the starting point not the ending. You are saved to be a blessing.You aren't done yet. Some of us won't get to the finish.
We are on a mission

3. Faith..believe in God the way God believes about Himself.
"the faith" not just faith
Acts 3:16
Acts 6:7
Acts 16:5

Depart from me..I never knew you..they didn't have "the faith"


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