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Sunday, October 17, 2010

"The Water"

My notes from Oct 2 sermon by Rob at Apex

Challenge: Relevance can create an can take the focus off what is important
The gathering was never meant for the people's for the God we serve

Collision between our identity and that of Jesus..Jesus always takes over.

Last week we talked about the we talk about the water

John 4:10-15

Jesus came into her world. Samaritans were from the other side of the tracks

Incarnate Jesus..get involved in people's lives who are undesirable

He challenges her religious assumptions about God
Samaritans intermarried among's not's theological..they adopted idolatry.
They rejected parts of the Old Testament
Everybody has assumptions about God. We need to be willing to get involved in their world and correct assumptions.

He exposes her sin

The well in this passage is still there today. It's 100 ft deep. It has a spring that feeds it.
She has a cavern of emptiness that she is filling with fear of being alone and has gone from man to man
She tries to change the subject..this usually means that there is something to hide
When someone comes back with the line "That's your interpretation..." they want to stay in that sin.
He exposed her sin
Her water was deadly
He offered himself

The water of Jesus
is a gift
is ever satisfying
is an eternal and external spring

The living water of Jesus causes:
1. Repentance.v28..the woman left her water jar
2.Confession..with no shame
3. A new identity..a revival in the village God uses her even with the people whose life she destroyed

We are a well and springs to provide water to others
Come and see....go and tell


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