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Saturday, October 13, 2007

The end of the series..Nehemiah 13 : 15-31

Well it's the end of the series on Nehemiah.
The last part of this chapter talks about the Sabbath. There was disobedience in keeping the Sabbath. Having a day of rest goes back to Genesis when God created the world...He had a day of rest..not because he was tired or needed time...He was done.
What we tend to forget today is that we are not God...we do need a day of rest. He tells us to rest..

If we aren't obedient in keeping a Sabbath (it doesn't have to be Sat or just needs to be a day)
1 We delude ourselves by thinking we're in charge of our productivity. We place ourselves above God.
2 We dull the miracle of the cross...we dumb it down

The second half of the chapter deals with those who marry others of different faiths/culture.
When you mix believers and nonbelievers in intimate relationships , the language changes The pure becomes impure and there is an impact in generations to come.

He finished by giving the Big Questions you should ask yourself based on the book of Nehemiah:

1 What is it right now that requires courage from you to act on? Chapter 1/2

2 Do you feel like you are meeting with the people of God or building with the people of God? A huge difference in commitment Chapter 3

3 How do you deal with conflict and do you realize how important your response is? It says a lot about character Chapter 4

4 Are you pursuing self advancement so much that you are desensitized to hurting people around you? Chapter 5

5 Is prayer a regular part of your fight of faith or is it a last resort? Chapter 6

6 Is having to be known by others more important to you than being known by God? Chapter 7

7 Is your pursuit of joy in God the primary pursuit of your life? Chapter 8

8 Is it hard for you to admit you are wrong or take responsibility for sinful actions ? Chapter 9

9 Do you grasp the importance of your personal purity in the collective people of God. Chapter 13


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