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Friday, October 05, 2007

October...breast cancer awareness month

This is something near to my heart. In Feb,2004 I had a routine mammogram which showed 2 suspicious areas..I had a biopsy the next day and received a phone call the day after the biopsy while I was at work telling me that I had breast cancer and needed to see a surgeon. I had an open biopsy with a small amt of tissue removed and with alot of prayer and God's healing it was benign..
I have no signs of cancer although my surgeon keeps a close eye on me ..I have to see him every 6 months.
Early detection and routine mammograms are the key. As a nurse, I have seen the effects this disease has on women and their families.
You will see alot of pink this bracelets,pink M&M's, pink appliances.etc....It's for a good cause.


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