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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jesus and a broken rock

John 21:7-22

My notes from Apex sermon

How does Jesus restore my heart when I have made horrible choices after conversion?
Can God use me again?
As a can you be Jesus to someone in this moment?
Peter had denied Christ 3 times..God still used him

When people hit a black hole they usually:
1 Go back to what they were doing before
2 Settle for noncommittal church attendance

What does Jesus do?

1 Initiates with gentleness..He goes to them in the middle of brokeness and gently guides them
When people screw up publically they don't need our verses...they need our gentleness.

2 Calls you back into intimacy with Him

In these verses Jesus shares a that time in that culture that was something done with those who are close with each other.
We are strong in our brokeness. We need to spend time in prayer with God.
Sometimes we need to go to lonely places just as Jesus did.

3 Reminds you of his power and faithfulness

4 Simplifies the meaning of your life
"Do you love me?" "Feed my sheep" equals Love God...teach others to follow Him

5 Defines Reality..."tough love" You can't stay where you are

6 Renews the command "Follow Me"

If you mess up in a big way God can still use you in a mighty way. It comes down to love and grace.

How do we end up in that black hole?

1 Be hard hearted Selfish not broken

2 Don't listen to the Lord

3 Don't spend time with the Lord

4 Make life complicated....Fill up your calendar

5 Forget about reality...just escape

6 Don't follow Christ...stay comfortable Forget about the cross


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