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Friday, May 02, 2008

1 back.....1 to go

We went and picked up Zach at Lee yesterday. 12 hours in a van is a long trip but it went smoothly. We left about 5:30 am and had very little traffic on the way. It is a pretty drive once you hit Tennessee. We packed up Zach's stuff and then went to eat at a little country restaurant called "The Farmhouse" that had homemade southern cooking :)

We went and checked out the apt where Kristen will be staying in May for summer school.
Very nice. She is staying with 2 other girls. She leaves for her trip to Chile on May 31st and will come back July 5.

We got back to Dayton around 9:45pm. Knoxville was crazy at 4 in the afternoon!

It's nice to have Zach home but the nest isn't complete until July :^)


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