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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Vintage Novelty of Love

These are my notes from the sermon Jason did yesterday on 1 John 2:7-11
When you read these you have to keep in mind that the context of this information is not to make someone feel guilty but to show us joy, holiness,truth and assurance.
This passage deals with the social do we interact as the people of Jesus when we run into difficult people?
Difficult people make a difficult church!

In this passage we are dealing with two dichotomies:

How can something be old and new?
How can something be both seen and heard

I liked Jason's examples.
He bought a shirt at the thrift store...(if you like Napolean Dynamite, he bought a shirt that said, "Tena you fat lard come and eat your dinner" and it had a picture of the horse.) He then gave it to a girl in the church who wanted it. Even though it's an old shirt's new to her.
Old things can be new in how we experience them.

For seen and heard, he used the example of a song and how you listen to it but also can see the meaning through a music video.

In this passage, John uses the old command "Love one another" and shows a new way to look or experience it...light vs dark and love vs hate.

The oldness of the command is tied to hearing it before
In Leviticus
In John's teachings in the book of John
From the basics of christianity
Loving other christians is not graduate's elementary.

The newness of the command is tied to it's being seen.
They are seeing it in a way they hadn't before....In Christ's love.which is light and through the actions of other Christians.

Big Idea
When we walk like Jesus walked then we will love like Jesus loved.
When we love like Jesus loved, then we will display his light.
When we display his light, we know we are not in darkness.

True Christians not only love Jesus but they love those who love Jesus.

You hear the saying "I love Jesus but I hate the church"
You are saying that you hate his bride...Jesus is not okay with that.
If you hate the's going to impact your relationship with Jesus.
Jason used the example of himself. If you love him but say you hate his wife Rachel..
it's not will impact your relationship with Jason.


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