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Sunday, July 13, 2008

"If I don't persevere in my faith,do I lose my salvation?"

These are my notes from Rob's sermon last night. A hot topic in a room with no air conditioning :^)
This topic is one of Rob's passions to speak on...If you listen to the podcast you will realize that
It was so nice to have Kristen next to me singing her little heart out on "None but Jesus"

1 John 2:24-29

This is a topic that divides. It affects how you pray,how you worship,how you live your life.
There needs to be a consistent time that you are examining your life.

1 The Spirit abides and it produces abiding - It indwells in us and we become a "living tabernacle"

2 The Spirit is the primary tutor for Godliness - In this passage John is mending nets again because they have just been through some false (bad) teaching and are insecure
Their reassurance is that they have the primary teacher ..the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the primary teacher...not our only teacher...elders are called to be teachers.
When we go to make bad choices..often you will feel that presence of the Holy Spirit trying to stop you

3 The Spirit is authentic...consistent with the nature of Christ in your life

The consequence of not abiding in the Spirit is a loss of confidence and shame when Jesus returns

People who are born of God , know and practice the righteousness of God. A lifestyle of sin is a theological oxymoron.

Can you sin after accepting Christ? Yes
Can you go through dark times ..Yes
Can you continue in a pattern of sin...NO

Perseverance is produced by God's preservation

Here is the elephant in the room:
If I don't persevere in my faith, do I lose my salvation?

The answer depends on....What is salvation? and takes into account 2 types of biblical passages
Warning passages
Assurance passages

Rob gives scripture after scripture with both warning and assurance passages If you look on the website or the podcast , the verses will all be on there in the note section. As my friend Bona said, "You're blog will be pages long" and I didn't want that.

Why I believe that believers are secure in Christ for eternity.(This is Rob's belief)

1 The role of God in Salvation... Salvation didn't start ,isn't sustained ,or end with us..It's God.

2 The role of the Holy Spirit in sanctification

3 The role of Jesus's work on the cross

4 Role of Jesus in prayer(John 17:11-17) Jesus is talking to God..I believe that God answers this prayer of His son.

What are the role of the warning passages?
1 We should never ever be casual about God's grace You should never spit on God's grace

2 Believer's should never separate works from God's grace. Faith without works is dead.
Good dirt is broken and hallowed out so that fruit grows

3 Believers can never have any assurance in Christ if they are taking part in sin
You may not be giving up your citizenship in heaven but if you are in a pattern of are miserable,scared,insecure in your faith. You need to repent.

4 Believers should see these warnings as a means toward final salvation

Peter and Judas...which one do you relate to?

Peter was sifted as wheat..He screwed up...He denied Christ but Jesus prayed for him..he returned..his heart was soft and he went on to share his faith for the love of Christ in him.

Judas..He spent 3 1/2 years with Jesus...he shared the gospel..he cast out demons..he heard every word of Christ in that time but he didn't soak in Christ..he had a hard heart..and he is separated for eternity


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