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Monday, July 07, 2008

"The Last Hour"

These are my notes from Rob's sermon at Apex Sat night
I have to start by saying that I love when Isaac sings..he just shows his heart when he sings. We sang "True Light" by Phil Wing, "Song of the Redeemed" by Charlie Hall, and "There is No One" by Jason Morant and "You Alone" by David Crowder

1 John 2:15-26

There are 3 questions to ask

1 What is the last hour?
2 How do we know it's the last hour?
3 Are you ready for the last hour?

What is the last hour?

It's not talking about literal's theological. It's talking about the last days from the cross until right now...we are in that period.

How do we know it's the last hour?

Christ talks about the last days having the antichrist as an influence.
There will be a literal person who embodies evil but also his influence is present with false prophets
An antichrist spirit actually comes from within the church.

An antichrist:
Departs from the community of Christ...leaves the church..they have "issues" with doctrine
Denies the rule of Christ
Demeans the Deity of Christ

What you need to think about? What is the theology of your day to day life? That's what tells you if you have the spirit of Christ or the spirt of antichrist

Are you ready?

Do you have the Holy Spirit? You're not ready if you don't.
Do you know the truth? Go back to the the word of God
Do you soak in his promises? You can have the head knowledge but unless you soak in it and make it part of your's no good.

If you disfellowship from the community..whether it's over the style of worship,the vision of the church, the leadership of the church, what it comes down to is "What do I believe about Jesus?"


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