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Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th!!

I love to watch fireworks like this one. We don't have a tradition for the 4th in our family other than trying to find a good place to watch fireworks. I talked to Kristen this morning and they obviously don't celebrate the 4th in Chile. In fact, she said they took offense to them singing "God Bless America". Kristen leaves tonight at 10 to come back to the good old U.S. She said she'll just be glad to hear English again :^)

We went to see Derek Trucks last night. What an amazing guitar player. His wife did most of the vocals. His other singer opened and sounded alot like Jack Johnson. The Cityfolk festival is this weekend in Dayton so we may go check that out if the weather clears up. I'm just glad for the extra day off today.

Things are very busy in "diabetes world" lately at the hospital and the office. So many people being diagnosed because of how overweight we are as a nation..23 million people. We are finally starting to break even with our practice which is a good thing for the doctors and job security for the rest of us. It's been nice to work at the office and see the positive results of our education as people come back in. At the hospital ,I see patients when their blood sugars are out of control and affecting their health so it's nice to see the other side.

It's been an interesting year spiritually. God has taken people out of my life but has also brought new friends into my life. I continue to work on my's hard at times because of hurtful past experiences but I'm realizing that time does help heal most wounds. My house church has helped a lot with that. I love the worship and messages at Apex and I'm feeling more connected.

I'm just trying to stay open to that" quiet little voice" that guides and comforts me.


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