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Saturday, August 23, 2008


These are my note from Rob's sermon tonight.
Luckily the air conditioning was working very well or it could have been a little on the side of Hades in there :^P with all the college students coming back for the year.

We sat with our friends Kendall(she has the most awesome hair),Chad and Jeff.

Abby and Neil led worship tonight. They have a jazzy style of worship.

1 John 5: 6-12

Many times when we need to learn...we need to have things repeated to us over and over

John repeats 3 things throughout 1 John

1. He wants us to know who Jesus is

2. He repeats the phrase "This is how we know we are daughters/sons of Christ"

3. The way we know we love Christ is through obedience

In this passage, the word testimony is repeated several times.

If you put Jesus in the docket and God as his attorney..God presents 3 strands of evidence on who his son is.

We need to portray Jesus how God has revealed him to us

To put these verses in context, heresy on who Jesus is has crept into the house churches

Pieces of evidence

1 Witness of history
Jesus is baptized in water and blood Physically..water and death on the cross..blood

2 Witness of spirit

The spirit lives inside of believers and enables us to call God our father.
It enables conviction to come into our lives

3 Witness of redemption
Changed lives

Case closed..Jesus is God

2 questions to ask yourself

What is God repeating over and over
a Not obeying
b So you are prepared for the future
c Testing

What is God's testimony about you?


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