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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stuck in the elevator

We took Zach back to Lee University today. It was uneventful until we got there and started to move his stuff in. The dorm has an elevator which we thought was a good thing since he is on the 4th floor...we were wrong!
About the 4th time up the elevator we noticed the elevator wasn't moving up. We hit the button several times. That should have been our clue to get off. Also there was a little wire hanging from the door...another clue. The elevator began to move and went about half a floor up and then all of the sudden it vibrated and down we went. We tried to open the door but it wasn't budging. Luckily the phone in there worked...unluckily they hadn't dealt with this before.
I think the people on the outside were more panicked than we were...which isn't a good thing because that means they don't really know how to get us out. After about 15 min I was starting to get a little nervous.
Luckily Darrell stayed calm..he knew we weren't between floors and we were at the bottom. They got the first part of the door open but the second part wouldn't open. They went up above us and removed the top. I climbed up the railing and Darrell boosted me and 2 guys helped from the top. Then they got a ladder for Darrell and Kristen. We were there about 25 min ..about 24 min too long!
I'd like to say I won't be getting on an elevator anytime soon but unfortunately I spend a good chunk of time in elevators at my job .
I do now understand why people feel claustrophobic in elevators!


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