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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Here Am I...Send Me

These are my notes from Apex. They aren't as detailed because we had a speaker who gave a lot of personal stories/examples.
He started an organization called Operation Mobilization 50 yrs ago as a teenager. It's a missionary movement for non missionaries.
We are all called to build kingdoms everywhere. He used scripture from Issiah 6
In this passage, Issiah is broken before God and then experiences God's vision and grace.
Failure can be the back door to success. Don't let failure intimidate you. There is no such thing as no risk Christianity.
Because of Isaaiah's experience with God..he is able to say "Here am I..send me"
It's a prayer of availability...not geography. We all need to say that prayer...God Here am I..send me..whether it's using us in our jobs, house churches,etc. or whether it's in a different continent.

Their organization made several books and DVD's available on discipleship,abortion,AIDS, and evangelism. There were also several booths set up offering many opportunities for mission work locally as well as international.


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