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Saturday, January 24, 2009


These are my notes from Apex
It was nice to go back to Saturday Night Service.
It has a different atmosphere...more relaxed and worshipful.
Isaac and Neil did an awesome job with worship.
We brought our friend Doug with us and we have recently met a guy named Al who recently moved here from Richmond. We all went to eat at City Barbecue after service.

Jonah 1:7-16

Jonah track vs Sailor track
Life can feel like a storm

Jonah track
Sometimes the Lord engineers a storm for chastisement because He loves us

God sends a storm of his chastisement to:

1 Do a work in and around you.
God uses this time as an opportunity to witness to unbelievers.
Acts 5:5
Matthew discipline
Discipline is one of those things that good dads do.
Is there a weight on you?
God loves you so much He won't let you stay there.

2 Clarify who He is and who you are.
Sometimes we try to be God. We try to usurp God's authority.

3 Humble you
"I am the problem"

The result is God keeping you in his crazy Grace.

The Sailor Track

God's storm causes the sailors:

1 To be desperate for answers
Our education,life experience can't explain it
They cast lots. It falls on Jonah. This is not a normative way to find God's will.

2 Row in their own harder.
We live in a culture that is mentally and physically exhausted. We are rowing but getting nowhere.

3 Acknowledge their helplessness and cry out for mercy.

4 Throw off the cause of the storm.
It was Jonah.
What is the "Jonah" in your life causing the storm? A secret, a relationship,an addiction, your thought life.

The result is God rescuing through his crazy grace.


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