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Sunday, February 15, 2009


These are my notes for the sermon at Apex this morning. We celebrated Valentine's Day by going to "Bride Wars" last night so we went to church this morning instead.

"This is not fair" could be the other title for this sermon.

Jonah 4:1-11

Jonah becomes angry because God is consistent with his character.
Jonah didn't want to go to Nineveh because he knew Go wanted to give them mercy.

The main reasons for Jonah's anger

1. Jonah saw God's gracious nature as unjust (1-3)
He felt they needed to be taken out.
Who do you feel needs to be taken out? Al-Queida? The Talaban? Pedophiles? Other races? Other countries?
Micah 7:18

God asks "Do you have a right to be angry?
What is it that makes you angry?
Are there patterns?
Do you have a right to be angry?

Jonah builds a booth out of anger (4-5)
He still holds hope that God will wipe out Nineveh and he want a "front seat on the bleachers"
Has that happened to you?
Someone who has hurt you and you want to see them suffer? fail? go down?
The booth is built out of anger.

Jonah saw himself as the bottleneck of God's grace
The gospel is viral by nature
We are to be a light to all nations...serve one another
Jonah was to be a conduit not a bottleneck

Jonah saw God's goodness as extravagant for others, but small for himself
When Jonah fled, God could have struck him down but he was merciful.
Jonah felt the grace for others was better than what he got.
Luke 15: The Prodigal Son

Jonah lost sight of God's mission in the midst of trivial concerns
Getting angry at petty things takes your focus off the gospel
Today...What people wear..the style of worship divides churches when people are going to Hell forever.
"Angry church people"
Everybody else is always the problem. They may be on fire for the Lord and then something doesn't work out. They go into a funk. Their attitude stinks. They've built a booth around their lives.

God comes to Jonah's booth.
Do you have pity for the sinner of Dayton, Ohio? Are you burdened with their "lostness"?
God has placed us at the time and place ordained. We live where God has placed us. Not to make a living. He wants to do a work in the city through us. You need to get past "individualized salvation"

God caused a plant to grow over the booth. It provided shade and Jonah was happy.
Then he causes a worm to destroy the plant.
The parasitic nature of sin.

In order to pity the lostness of our city:

1. Remember the parasitic nature of sin (v.6-7)
2. See that God is working and has been for a long time (v. 8-10)
God created Nineveh. God created Dayton, Ohio
"Let mercy triumph over judgment" This should be our prayer for our city.

The cultural condition of our city flows out of the spiritual condition of it's people (v.11)

What Jonah knew about God's goodness the Ninevites did not know. He deserved judgment more than they did

Where are you in this city?
Are you sitting in a booth.believing and doing right things but your heart is not loving or sharing?

If you don't have a burden for this city then ask God to move you to a city where you are burdened.

Are you a Ninevite? rebellious? in sin?
Run to God


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